Jelgava State Gymnasium
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 40 hours course
            Riga Art and Media School Media Art Department                 Photo Design specialist

 2021.06.01 Professional photographer
2022.11.01 Lead photographer / DOP
 Creative Media Production Company "lonexone"
2023.07. - 2023.08. ERASMUS+ internship @isla-tortuga in Malaga
"Jaunais Medijs 2023"
3rd place
Issuing institution: Riga Art and Media School   (2023.05.21)  (Riga,Latvia)

Latvian Analogue B&W Photography Awards 2023
Issuing institution: Photo School "Foto Telpa"(2023.05.19)  (Riga,Latvia)

FK Award 2022 
Issuing institution: FK Magazine  (2022.10.11)(Riga,Latvia) 

19x19 travelling exhibition and the winner of the audience's favourite vote. 
Issuing institution: Radio NABA (2021.12.07.)(Riga,Latvia) 

Photo Art Competition "YOUTH" 
1st prize in the age category 16-22. 
Issuing institution: The Centre of Creative Learning "Annas 2" (2021.12.17.)(Riga,Latvia) 
Personal exhibition "Crossroads of the Ages"
Riga Media and Art School BlackBox
 (2023.10.12) (Riga,Latvia)

Large format pop-up solo exhibition "Without SEX"
Organised by music and culture bar, skateboard cult place Lokalhouse 
(2023.03.18) (Riga,Latvia)

Part of Multimedia exhibition “BOURZMA 22:”
Organised by contemporary art gallery M/Gallery  
(2022.10. 27.) (Riga,Latvia) 

Participation in an experimental exhibition "once in a lifetime"
Organised by FotoKvartals 
(2021.06.28) (Riga,Latvia) 
website for commercial purposes
Photos by Asya Belova @VolgaVintage
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